Berry juice concentrates, NFC juices and syrups

Berry juice concentrates are delicious ingredient in e.g. juices and beverages, soups, sauces, marinades and sweets. Use NFC juices e.g. in high-quality juices, mulled wine and alcoholic beverages. Syrups are suitable for desserts, sauces, sweets, drinks and bakery products.

Berry juice concentrates

Berry juice concentrate’s dry matter content is 45-65 brix. Some of our concentrates are also available as organic products.

NFC Juices

NFC Juices (Not from concentrate) are made from 100% berry. NFC Juices  have been processed as little as possible. The production process is gentle so that the natural flavor and color of the berry can be preserved. Some of the NFC juices are also available as organic products. The product is sold frozen.


Berry syrups do not contain preservatives or additives. The syrup’s dry matter content is 70 Bx.