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Kiantama aims to provide its customers high-quality berry products. We continue to develop our operations and our products with our customers’ wishes in mind.

The basic idea of ​​our operations is to pay attention to the safety of raw materials and end products as well as the preservation of nutritional values ​​and natural taste and color. We are constantly developing our refining processes and also strive to utilize the valuable by-products of raw materials as accurately as possible. Our operations comply with the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC).

The Kiantama factory is also both Kosher and Halal certified.

organic production

Kiantama Ltd has been a certified manufacturer of organic products since 1999 and is therefore entitled to use the EU organic label in its organic products. Organic production is closely monitored and inspected annually. We offer the majority of our products also as organic within the availability of raw materials. Organic raw materials are procured from our own purchasing organization and from selected suppliers in Finland and neighboring countries.

What is an organic bilberry?

Organic certification and organic harvesting of wild berries are based on the requirements of EU legislation. The entire production chain must be part of organic control; organic harvesting operators and areas are inspected in the same way as, for example, organic farms. Also pickers must commit annually with written commitment to the guidelines of organic berry picking before they start picking the berries. The commintment is given to the buyer of the berries. A picker committed to organic guidelines may only collect organic berries from areas approved for the organic control system. The organic area can be found on the maps at the purchasing place. When the picker brings the berries to the place of purchase, the picker also indicates on the organic map the area where the berries come from. The traceability of organic berries collected from organic forest is therefore more accurate than that of conventional berries.


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You can find out more about the standards that guide our operations in the Responsibility section.