- Healthy berries responsibly all year around!

In Kiantama Oy responsibility means the continuity of operations and sustainable development. Responsibility means social responsibility, environmental responsibility, responsible management and financial responsibility. Our goal is to manufacture tasty and healthy products of berries. Our products are from pure nature and do not require production inputs.

In addition to statutory requirements, Kiantama Oy’s operations are guided by the ISO 26000 standard guidelines on corporate social responsibility as well as its own responsibility goals and customer requirements. Responsibility principles of Kiantama have been published in the Code of Conduct, which is communicated to all employees and suppliers so that everyone is aware and engaged and will act accordingly.

Our operating methods and processes are nature-friendly and most of the raw materials used by the company are domestic wild berries picked from the pure nature of the north. The entities that are part of responsibility are primarily the well-being of the personnel at work, ensuring the financial continuity of the company, product safety, human rights, consideration of environmental issues and ethics and transparency of the whole berry supply chain.

Kiantama takes care of its employees by providing a safe work environment and training them e.g. quality, environment, occupational health and safety issues. Employees are offered opportunities for advancement and training.

Kiantama’s goal for responsibility is to be a reliable and honest partner to berry pickers, customers and stakeholders as well as to meet the customers’ responsibility assessment criteria. A key goal in responsible business operations is ensuring sustainable development. In practice, being responsible is about taking the needs of stakeholders into account and caring for the environment beyond legal requirements. Kiantama strives to promote responsibility in the berry industry by being an active partner and forerunner. We are committed to an annual Letter of Intent with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy on the operating methods of foreign berry pickers

Kiantama operates locally in Suomussalmi and Kainuu as an active member of society. For example, community youth sports are regularly supported.

Kiantama actively participates in the development of berry-related science and research by participating in research projects on berries. The aim is to obtain new information to support product development and the more versatile use of berries.

Kiantama is a member of FiBS ry (Finnish Business & Society ry), the leading corporate responsibility network in Finland. The goal of the membership is to create networks, develop the company’s own responsibility work and receive practical tools for the planning and implementation of responsibility measures.

We conduct an annual sustainability audit conducted by an independent party based on the standard ISO 26000. The audits assess Kiantama’s entire operations from berry picking and supply chains to berry processing, work safety and the environmental issues. Kiantama has also been audited in accordance with Sedex’s responsibility standard SMETA 4 Pillars.