Dietary fiber

Saturday 15.04.2023

Unabsorbable carbohydrates are called dietary fiber. Even though the body is unable to digest it in an absorbable form, fiber has many important functions in the human gastrointestinal tract. Insoluble fiber maintains bowel movement, contributes to growth of useful bacteria in the colon and supports weight control. Soluble fiber slows down the rise of blood sugar levels after a meal and enhances cholesterol efflux from the body.

Berries contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, pectin. In addition to oat and vegetables, berries are an important source of soluble fiber in the diet. Raw and only just ripened berries contain the most pectin. Recommended intake of dietary fiber is 35 g/day.

Dietary fiber concentration of fresh berries is approximately 3–6 g/100g.

Kiantama’s dried berries and berry powders are rich in dietary fiber, up to 30 g/100 g. Product specific information is available from our sales team.