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We produce and develop high-quality berry products and raw materials for food, health supplement and cosmetic industries. Our operating methods and processes are nature-friendly and most of the raw materials we use are domestic wild berries picked from the pure nature of the north. All of our products are available in organic quality, depending on the availability of the raw material. The basic idea of ​​our operations is to pay attention to the safety of raw materials and end products, as well as the preservation of nutritional values ​​and natural taste and color. Our products do not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives or pesticides. They are pure and healthy - all year round!

Dried Berries

First-class, clean berries are always used to produce dried berries. Available as whole berries and crushed berries. No added sugar or additives.

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Frozen IQF Berries

The delicious IQF frozen berries are made with high quality in order to preserve the looseness, taste and healt features of the berries in the best possible way.

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Berry powders and spray dried powders

Berry powders are made of top quality raw material and they are 100 % berry. Spray dried berry powders are made of 100% berry juice concentrate by spray drying.

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Berry juice concentrates, NFC juices and syrups

Berry juice concentrates are 100% natural with no added sugar or other preservatives. NFC Juices are made from 100 % pure berries with the genuine flavour and colour.

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Berry Purées with and without Seeds

Purées without seeds are smooth and the berry skin has been removed. Purées with seeds includes the whole berry with skin and seeds. 100 % natural, no additives.

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Sweetened berries

Sweetened berries are made from the high class berries which have been infused with sugar before drying. Available as whole berries and crushed.

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