Kiantama’s Board and owners express solid trust in CEO

Thursday 01.02.2024

Press release, 31.1.2024
Kiantama Ltd.

After a long investigation, The prosecutors of Northern Finland prosecution district of National Prosecution Authority Finland have brought charges for aggravated trafficking in human beings against Vernu Vasunta, CEO of Kiantama Ltd.

Vasunta and Kiantama Ltd have denied all charges.

“This has been a strenuous process. As a CEO I’ve always strived to obey Finnish laws and I’ve never taken part in illegal actions. I have acted honestly and I’m confident that the trial will prove my innocence”, says Vernu Vasunta.

According to Kiantama’s Chairman of the Board, Matti Sipilä, in Finland nobody is quilty before trial process proves otherwise. However, news in the public media may have given a different view on this case. Sipilä confirms that both the Board and the owners have full trust in Vernu Vasunta and he will continue as the CEO normally.

”At this stage I wish that Kiantama and its personnel are let to work in peace. While awaiting the trial, we are not giving any interviews and we don’t have any additional information to share. We’ll go through the process calmly and confidently”, states Sipilä.


Chairman of the Board Matti Sipilä,

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