Berry juice concentrates are 100% natural with no added sugar or other preservatives. Some of our concentrates are also available as organic products. NFC Juices have been processed as little as possible.

100% berry powder is made of top quality raw material ensuring that all valuable vitamins, natural flavonoids and minerals are preserved. Spray-dried berry powders are made of 100% berry juice concentrate by spray drying.

In making the berry purées without seeds, the skin and the seeds are separated from the berry, thus leaving only the juice and the pulp in the end product.

First-class, clean berries are always used to produce dried berries and berry powders.

Frozen berries are cleaned using a separation system which has a metal detector, a color separator and an X-ray machine.

Liquid sugar or pear juice concentrate are used to sweeten the sugar infused berries.


Vaccinium myrtillus

The Arctic bilberry grows wild in the clean, northern forests. The bilberry is a perennial shrub reaching 10–30 cm in height. In Finland the bilberry usually ripens in mid-July – early August. The berry is spherical with a diameter of 6–8 mm. It is either dark blue and waxy or black and shiny, and dark blue on the inside.

In food industry bilberries are used to produce juice, jam, dried berries and berry powders as well as to grain and dairy products. By-product fractions in berry processing are suitable for example for animal feed and cosmetic applications.

Bilberries are low in fat and rich in fibers. Bilberries contain vitamins C and E. The most significant health benefit of the bilberry, however, are the anthocyanin compounds it contains. The wild bilberry is three to four times richer in these flavonoids than is the related highbush blueberry.

Bilberries of Kiantama are hand-picked wild bilberries from Finland and Sweden. Bilberries are also available in organic quality depending on the product range.

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