Berry juice concentrates are 100% natural with no added sugar or other preservatives. Some of our concentrates are also available as organic products. NFC Juices have been processed as little as possible.

100% berry powder is made of top quality raw material ensuring that all valuable vitamins, natural flavonoids and minerals are preserved. Spray-dried berry powders are made of 100% berry juice concentrate by spray drying.

Frozen berries are cleaned using a separation system which has a metal detector, a color separator and an X-ray machine.


Empetrum nigrum

The crowberry is a 10–30 cm tall shrub. The berry itself is a glossy black drupe with mild flavour. The crop of crowberries is usually quite modest and the berries are fairly small. The crowberry has a long picking season. It can be harvested from the end of July until the first snow. The best picking time is in early August.

The crowberry is a good source of fibre. An excellent health benefit of this berry is the amount of anthocyanin compounds it contains, close to the amount found in wild bilberry.

Crowberries can be used either on its own or combined with other berries like bilberries and blackcurrants. Crowberries are suitable raw ingredient for e.g. jams, jellies, marmelade, baked goods, berry soups, porridges and milkshakes. By-product fractions in berry processing are suitable for example for animal feed and cosmetic applications.

Crowberries of Kiantama are hand-picked wild berries from Finland. Crowberries are also available in organic quality depending on the product range.

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